Summer is the time to be in Prague. Pulsing with energy, the city plays host to music shows, opera shows, festivals, riverboat rides, beaches on the river, gardens and restaurant patios… In short, a trip to the city is called for more reasons than one. In case you are going to be somewhere on the continent this summer, or even an island close by (we mean the UK, of course), then here are some dates that you may like to keep in focus for a Prague sojourn:

Prague Marathon 6-7 May 2017
Whether you run or enjoy it only as a spectator sport, do consider the Prague Marathon. The streets are cobbled, the atmosphere festive and the experience quite unique.

Czech Beer Festival 11-27 May 2017
Move over Munich, there is a rival beer fest happening in Prague. With more than 70 brands of top quality Czech beer and the best delicacies of Czech chefs and bakers that go with them.

Prague Spring – The 72nd International Music Festival 8 May-2 June 2017
Celebrating its 72nd anniversary this year, the festival is a favourite of classical connoisseurs worldwide, and invites top performers, conductors, and orchestras from around the globe to participate.

Prague Fringe Festival 26 May-3 June 2017
The largest, and longest-running, English-language theatre festival in continental Europe serves a heady mix of theatre, comedy, music, dance, storytelling and good times. Held across the Malá Strana district of Prague this extravaganza is an experience you will never forget.

Tanec Praha 23 May-23 June 2017
Since 1989, this festival has represented the very best of the dance season on the Czech cultural map. Quality, diversity, topicality, outreach to other genres and space for experiment are the main criteria of the program.

Prague Summer Nights 12 June-10 July 2017
If classical music is your thing then this is a great opportunity to listen to young musicians and performers. Opera lovers will love Mozart’s Don Giovanni, performed in the Estates Theatre – the venue where Mozart originally premiered the opera in 1787. Concerts and performances take place not only in Prague but Salzburg and Tabor, Bohemia as well.

Prague Proms 21 June-19 July 2017
A charming blend of classics and jazz the Prague Proms are an intimate affair with less than 20 performances (mostly evenings) and bring something different to the Prague summer music scene.

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