When you travel to France do go to the Cote d’Azur,
We’ll make it easy for you so that you needn’t hit a mur*.

Start in Cannes, yes, that of film festival fame,
There is the Palais and bars and restaurants on the beach plus a casino if you are game.

The old quarter is worth an explore, not to miss the clock tower overlooking the bay,
If shopping be your mantra then the main street is your way.

Away from the sea is lovely little Grasse, the home of all good smells,
At any one of its perfumeries get your own fragrance, yours alone and no one else.

To the west is beautiful St. Tropez with trop* poshness all around,
Great boutiques, cafes and a marina where enviable yachts abound.

Antibes has its avant-garde statue of the man of letters ready for a photo op or two,
More quaintness, more cafes and another ancient Roman yachting harbour too.

Thence to Eze, giving Nice a nice miss, for its hill top castle and panoramic sea views,
The appeal is charming, tarry a while for you need no excuse.

Next is Monaco, with its royalty going no further than the Prince,
The family’s car museum is a must visit plus some great food and wine that’s been worthy long since.

So, give us a call, email us today,
To the Cote d’Azur you’ll soon be winging your way.

*In French mur=wall, trop=too much

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