Want a different honeymoon destination? Or, want to know more about a usual honeymoon destination? Then, this is the right page for you. Keep coming back because we will keep adding destination ideas. For those whose honeymoon is yet to come, we give you ideas about where to go. For those whose honeymoon is long gone, this page tells you what might have been! Or, who is stopping you from going on a delayed 2nd honeymoon? Anyway, we kick-off with Mexico.

Whimsical, sensuous, fun and fantastic, Mexico loves lovers and vice versa. This energetic, culturally rich, colorful country gathers honeymooners from throughout the world in its arms and they enjoy every minute of it.

It’s easy to love and , to make things even better, it’s brimming with just about everything newly weds dream of doing. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to relax and chill out or the very best spot for an action packed trip of a few days or a few weeks, Mexico makes honeymooning easy and enjoyable.

Let’s start in Acacpulco, famous for its explosive nightlife, postcard beaches, unlimited watersports, first-class hotels, gourmet restaurants and the breath-taking physical beauty of Acapulco Bay! Acapulco has attractions that provide plenty of things to do and see. Stroll through the city to the impressive San Diego Fort or spend an afternoon at the Botanical Garden. For some excitement you can scuba dive or go deep sea fishing.

And, as the sun sets various bars and nightclubs come alive. Lasting into the wee hours of the morning, Acapulco’s nightlife has everything. From upscale clubs to off-the-wall karaoke bars. Acapulco never sleeps and there’s always something going on for the night owls.

Few places in the world offer honeymooners such exciting and accessible diversity. From ancient pyramids to modern amenities, pristine white beaches, crystalline waters and sultry nights with the perfect margarita…yes, this is Cancun and then a lot more. It is the main gateway to the Mayan World and the Caribbean and yet remains a party city that just won’t give up.

Go on a day trip to Chichen Itza and explore the most important archaeological zone and ancient capital of the Mayan Empire. Designated one of the modern wonders of the world, its extraordinary architectural beauty and geographical location are sure to leave you in awe! If history is what binds the two of you – okay this is a honeymoon and even if one of you interested – there are museums and other historic sites to cover.

The other big thing in Cancun – apart from just lazing around – is water sports. Snorkelling, sailing, swimming in cenotes (sinkholes or a natural pit that exposes groundwater underneath). Oh, if in season, take a flamingo tour. June to August are the best months.

68km down the road from Cancun is Playa del Carmen. Playa is Spanish for beach and Playa del Carmen is famous for its stylish beach clubs that are a pampering alternative to the public beaches. After your day at the beach, head into town and take a stroll along the pedestrian Fifth Avenue strip, locally known as Quinta Avenida. La Quinta is the place to see and be seen in Playa del Carmen. By day it’s packed with people browsing the shops and boutiques; by night roving musicians entertain diners in the many restaurants and bars.

If you want to do nothing then head for the Emerald Coast along the Gulf of Mexico – 12 miles of golden sand beaches and waters in green shades: hence its name. Lie on the sand, drink a cold coconut or a torito on the beach, listen to the chirping of birds, swim until you are tired enough to sleep in a hammock.

When the action bug strikes you you need to go wakeboarding. You slide over water on top of a board, pulled by a boat or a jet ski and is pure thrill and all adrenaline rush. Take atour of the Tecolutla mangroves and if you are there in the last weekend of February do drop into the Coconut Festival and dig into coconut sweets prepared with peach, cocoa, peanut, guava, natural, strawberry, milk with raisins and other varieties.

At the tip of Baja California Sur you will find the dual destination of Los Cabos. Wondering why they call it a dual destination? Part of the fun comes with exploring the region’s two dramatically distinct personas. Tranquil San Jose del Cabo retains the look and vibe of an authentic Mexican town. Cobblestone streets, intimate restaurants and boutiques radiate from the central main square and mission church. Rambunctious Cabo San Lucas, on the other end of the highway (called the Corridor), is party central with funky bars and the slick Luxury Avenue Mall centered around the marina.

If art is your scene then you are in luck. Tucked into the narrow streets radiating from the historic main plaza of San Jose del Cabo you’ll find a thriving and sophisticated art and dining scene. Thursday night is Art Walk from November to June. Studios and galleries around Alvaro Obregon stay open until 9PM and encourage guests to browse and buy by handing out free libations and snacks. Often there’s live music in the plaza and it’s not unusual for the streets to be full of locals, tourists and artists, all mingling and enjoying the energizing vibe

Fancy a hike along deserted trails? Mountain biking around remote Punta Gorda or Cabo Real Natural Reserve? Riding horseback above rock canyons with vistas of el Arco, or galloping along a deserted beach? If not on a horse, then how about riding a camel around the Baja outback and shoreline, followed by a typical Mexican picnic? Perhaps you’d like to explore the desert and dunes off-road via Hummer or ATV led by experts who reveal the natural wonders of Baja’s rugged back roads.

Of course, it all starts off in Mexico City, a fascinating capital that beguiles its visitors with endless options. One of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, it might seem a bit overwhelming to the first-time visitor, though it doesn’t have to be. Many of the most visited tourist attractions in Mexico City are concentrated in the historic center, including the Plaza de la Constitucion or Zocalo, the National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Mayor, Palace of Fine Arts and Alameda Park. A few blocks north of the Palace of Fine Arts, Plaza Garibaldi is one of the best places in Mexico City to hear live mariachi music.

Apart from all the history and culture, there is the food, the flavours, the music, the sports…the list is quite exhaustive!
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