Finland • March 2019














Akshay and Kokilaa Kapur

Sri Lanka • March 2019

We loved Sri Lanka. Everything was super.

Please keep us informed of all seaside destinations and cool hotels because we will be going back regularly.

Weligama was superb. One of our best hotels and rooms ever.

Wallawa had an old world charm and nice hospitality. Great food, nice staff and just an hour away from Colombo.

All the arrangements went off very smoothly.

Thanks for everything. ❤️

Anuj and Shaila Khanna

Phuket • March 2019
















Utkarsh and Neela Kothari

New Zealand • December 2018-January 2019


















Arjun and Mandira Ahuja

London • June 2018

All was great.

Thank you so much.

Gautam and Gauri Chopra

Europe • June 2018

Thank you so much for everything.. had a great time .. our hotel in Bergen was very nice .. and so was cruise .. thank you for all your help ..

Everything was very good. Do recommend Bergen Bors. Very nice hotel. Rest all was good and we have never doubted your expertise on the same.

Akshay and Vidhi Jain

Europe • June 2018

Superb arrangements. Excellent hotels. Rail, surface and air transport went real smooth. Nino is excellent.

Thanks a ton.

Balkans can be a huge opportunity.


Dr. Anupam Sibal

Europe • June 2018

Thanks so much for everything! It was all fab. I’ll really miss the last 2 months and the correspondences we have shared. Looking forward to planning the next one now. A huge thank you to your entire team!


Devaang Sibal

Russia | FIFA 2018 • June 2018

The trip was way beyond our expectations. We had a fantastic holiday and it was wonderful, every bit of it.

Thank you for managing to find accommodation for us. Incredible World Cup atmosphere, wherever you go. Loved every moment !!!!

The hospitality program at the matches was very good.

Your partner in Russia was extremely helpful and the guides were great. Please thank Elena from us.

To be honest I wish we had stayed a few more days in Russia.

So thank you very much and I can assure you next time we make a trip we will definitely book it through you.

I must also mention that Jyoti and all your office were so helpful and patient with the old lady. And most of all you.

Parvati Devi

Russia | FIFA 2018 • June 2018

We had a super trip and wish it had been even longer!

The match seats were great. The guides were great. The hotels were good, especially the Kempinski.

Thank you for putting it all together for us!

Anisha Bhandari

June 2018 • Italy

We had a good trip 🙂 Enjoyed more than we thought (with two kids!)

History, art, architecture of Rome was the highlight, hotel was quite centrally located. Venice hotel was lovely. Florence was nice. Hotel was very well located.

Looking forward to more holidays.

Mayank and Nidhi Jain

May – June 2018 • Denmark & Berlin

Dear team,

Thank you for helping us with planning out this amazing vacation we had at Denmark and Berlin.

Our trip went off without a single glitch. The hotels booked were at perfect location and great.

Once again thank you.

Neha and Yangdup Lama

May 2018 • Australia

Well, I must say that Suhasini, Founder & Owner, Incentive Destinations, is not only a good friend but her company is also my fabulous travel planner.

They have a great team and take utmost care. We prefer doing things that are offbeat and different as travellers yet comfortable. Suhasini has the best suggestions to make and the itineraries are very well drafted and the team is very prompt in attending to the queries and must say very patient. A special mention to Jyoti for her personal assistance throughout the trip!

Our trip to Australia was very memorable and the lodge recommendations and private helicopter ride to the Great Barrier Reef by Lighthouse gave us an experience of a lifetime.

I recommend all luxury travellers to try Lighthouse for their services!

Thank you Suhasini for everything!

Ruchir & Aditi Parekh

May 2018 • Italy

Yes we are back after a fantastic trip!!!!!

We were most impressed with the quality of guides provided.

Location of hotels was good and we had a comfortable stay in all. The bike ride was a great experience too

We really enjoyed every place to the full and were wishing for more days.

I must appreciate all the prompt responses even from Italy. Parul was even responding early morning.
Your entire team was very cordial and super efficient. And yes we enjoyed the card games a lot.

Looking forward to more future trips too.

Thanks a ton for everything.

Vatsala Daga

December 2017 • Oman

Thank you !

Thanks to you I’m being abused by all by guy friends and praised by the girls!!

Thanks so much for everything. Been meaning to call but been going mad lately.

Super organised and great suggestions.

Nishant Luthra

December 2017 • Oman

It was a wonderful experience and everything was very well taken care of. Looking forward to planning many more vacations with your help.

Mrinali Luthra

November 2017 • Fiji

Just wanted to say thank you for booking our holiday ! We are enjoying Fiji. Discovering that the South Pacific will be our new destination for little getaways !

I love it. So tempted to stay another day. Haha !!

Alison D’Souza

October 2017 • Bhutan

Everything was fabulous. We were well looked after and thoroughly enjoyed.

Aman exceeded our expectations and uma villa was lovely. The staff was very attentive and pleasant.

At both the properties we were greeted warmly by the general managers and made to feel at home.

Thank you for making our trip a memorable one.

Divya Gupta

September 2017 • Berlin Marathon

It was lovely and thanks for all your support. Everything went perfectly well and we enjoyed the whole experience.

Will certainly work with Lighthouse in the future and kudos to your for building a great team.

Akshay Bhalla

August 2017 • London

The trip was perfect…and your efforts were fantastic as always.

Thank you soo much for everything. Will let you know about our next travels for sure.

Apeksha Pawha

July 2017 • Canada

We had such a memorable trip to Canada. It could not have been possible without the support of both you and your wonderful team.
The ticketing, the hotels, the transfers, the excursions, the VISA :-), all happened very smoothly. Thank you so much.

Piyush Chawla

July 2017 • Europe

We had a great trip and the whole experience on the cruise was amazing!!!
Thanks to the entire team – Inder , Jyoti and Parul for coordinating everything.
Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Talinn  were all very beautiful places with their amazing historical backgrounds.
St. Petersburg was nice too and could have seen more of it had rain not ruined our excursions!!!
Bruges, however seemed more of a Hollywood movie set …. had a great time relishing the yum Belgian chocolates!!!
The only regret – didn’t have enough time to explore these beautiful places in a day.
Would almost be the last ones to get back on the cruise every time.
The children as usual couldn’t get enough of the cruise – be it the shows on it or the fun at the kids club.
A total fun and a relaxing trip as expected of your team to provide us with one!!!!
Looking forward to our next association with Team Lighthouse ??.

Savina Mittal

June 2017 • Italy, France, Austria

Thanks ever so much for all the effort that you put in to make this a great holiday for the 3 of us. Right from personally meeting me, the multiple phone calls, getting vouchers arranged at Florence, making Campo Di Fiori possible even though that didn’t get included in the invoice. Ever grateful! Will make it a point to forward friends to Lighthouse. Looking forward to travelling again with you soon. Please give my best to Gaurav, Parul and Jyoti for their time and effort as well.

Devaang Sibal

June 2017 • Europe

Splendid arrangements.

Thanks a lot for taking so much interest. All hotels were good. Campo di Fiori was really nice.

Will spread the good word about Lighthouse. In fact, started yesterday.

Dr Anupam Sibal

June 2017 • Italy

We could not have had a better setting and location for a Tuscan holiday, Borno Pignano left a lasting impression on us and still holds the top spot in our 23 day road trip. Can’t thank my travel ideator, Suhasini from Lighthouse, enough to suggest this place to us.

Anuja Gupta

June 2017 • Switzerland

Thanks for everything. Our Hotel was great at Grindelwald and everything really worked out well.
I just got back in town, thus the late reply.
Would love to connect when we plan our next trip.

Dhruv and Mandira Lamba

June 2017 • Europe

My parents joined us and that’s where Lighthouse was so spectacular, the assistance at the airport in Delhi & Paris was surreal. It was not just effortless, well-coordinated, but it was sublime, and we can’t Thank you and your team enough.

Yashodhara Bajoria

June 2017 • Europe

A big thanks to you and your team at Lighthouse and Incentive; we had a wonderful holiday.

Rupin Pahwa

June 2017 • Europe

All your arrangements were super top class. Specially the Delhi Airport assistance and Meet and Greet at Paris was out of the world and a fantastic experience. My parents were very happy and that made us extremely happy and satisfied. You know I cannot thank you enough for that you have done for them.

All the ticketing, seats etc., were all upto the mark and what we had requested for.

Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Looking forward to planning our next holiday through you as well.

Abhiram Bajoria

June 2017 • Europe

We had a fantastic time. Everything was just perfect.
Thank you soo much for everything.

Apeksha Pahwa

June 2017 • England

Everything was excellent.
Thank you.

Arjun Ahuja

June 2017 • Greece

Overall, experience was very positive!

Subhrakant Panda

May-June 2017 • Germany, Austria, Dolomites, London

Had a wonderful time, thanks for everything.

Aditya Khanna

May-June 2017 • Germany, Austria, Dolomites, London

We had a wonderful trip indeed. All arrangements were perfect and met our expectations.

I must tell you that we are very happy with your arrangements. In terms of property and rooms, Munich and Tyrol were the best. Your suggestions for what to see or do was good and thanks for that too.

Thanks again and regards,

Ashok Khanna

May 2017

Thank you for arranging all our bookings for our trip to Greece, we had a wonderful holiday.

All the arrangements were done very well along with the transfers which were always there and fantastically coordinated by Parul.

We simply love the Mykonian Korali, its a wonderful hotel with great location, view, food and hospitality. The other places were very good too especially Aqua Suites had some breathtaking view and one can enjoy the sunset right from your own balcony no need to go anywhere.

I am glad that we contacted you timely for all our bookings, it was all very well done and very well coordinated.

Thanks to you and your team, especially Parul.

Khushboo Sachdev

May 2017

Thank you and Gaurav, we had such a wonderful getaway. Truly, you put the proverbial ‘chaar chand’ to our trips.


Madhvi Malhotra

April 2017

My wife and I would like to thank you for organising our trip and making all the arrangements. Everything was done to perfection. Both hotels were excellent and comfortable as were the guides and transportation. Great job.

Verinder Singh Bedi

March 2017

Everything was soooo perfect, can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and perfect suggestions. Dad had a memorable happy holiday… basically had a blast.

Everything thing went smoothly and happily. Each and everybody thanked us and loved the place.

P.S. Everyone has asked us to organise such a holiday like this every year, hmmm…

So watch out !!! 🙂

Shilpa Khullar

March 2017

Everything was fantastic…just loved the Owl and the Pussy Cat. I would say it exceeded my expectations, loved the entire Sri Lankan experience. I was overwhelmed by their warmth and hospitality.

Thanks a ton for everything!

Divya Khanna

December 2016

We had a wonderful trip to Egypt and thanks for arrangements. The Sanctuary Boat was most comfortable and enjoyable. Even the short trip to Abu Simbel was really worth its while. I think we would have missed a very important part of Egypt had we not gone there.

Everything went off well… complaints…… only thanks !!!

Sandeep Ahuja

November 2016























Thanks so much for making this happen for me, it was a big moment for me crossing that finish line and it would never have happened without your persistence. I always rely on you for finding solutions and you always come through. Will have to have you over to celebrate.

All the arrangements were fine and no hassles whatsoever.

Now to plan for the next one, next year.


Aditya Khanna

October 2016

At the outset, I must admit that you are the one of the very few travel advisors who have checked about our experience after being paid in full. That have checked with The Budhias also indicates that this is your trait and not my relation with Abhishek. I sincerely appreciate it.

Padam Agarwala

July 2016

The early morning Vatican tour was fabulous. Irene was more a host than a guide. She knew so much and it was great interacting with her.

Sugnan PS

July 2016

Big Island
We drove to some natural sites like waterfalls thru pretty little townships.
Since the Island is quite large it took us 2hrs + to get anywhere….still the highways were amazing.
Four Seasons was a great resort (makes you want to take up golf) so we were split between spending time at the resort, enjoy the beach and the facilities OR spending time exploring Big Island.
The highlight of Big Island for us was the helicopter ride to active volcanos and some really majestic waterfalls.

Honolulu / O’ahu
The city is really nice, well laid out, great food and shopping.
We would have liked to spend a couple of days more as didn’t get to see the rest of the Island at all.

Thanks for another amazingly organized trip despite our signature short notice plans!!

Alison & Nikunj

June 2016

Our trip went wonderfully well, and we had a memorable holiday.  Thanks very much to you and your colleagues for organizing things so well.  The stay in Joburg and at both camps was fantastic – we saw the big five and lots more.  My kids were also very impressed by the fact we had private chefs!

Thanks again for all your help and rest assured that we will be using you again in the near future for our next holiday (well, perhaps not so near future, as I now have to work hard to pay for this trip!).

Anuj Bhatia

May 2016

Thanks to the team of was a beautiful holiday.

Taj Samudra was up to expectations, but Cape Welligama definitely exceeded them.

The hospitality, resort, food everything was better than the other.

We are still thinking of our holiday and missing it.

Sri Lanka is just gorgeous and we look forward to going back, but for longer the next time.

The sea plane was a great experience, and way smoother than Air India…it was a good choice.

Parul from the Lighthouse team was very patient with our ever changing plans…

But at the end we made it…and couldn’t have a asked for a more relaxed vacation…just what we wanted.

Thanks you all.

Look forward to planning many more holidays in the the times to come.

Kanupriya and Babu

March 2016

Thank you for your concern. Our holiday was lovely. So meticulously planned by you… The icing on the cake was Ian, our driver. He was really good. Thanks a lot once again. We look forward to more holidays planned by you.

Rita Seth

February 2016

Thanks for everything. It went very well.

We’ve been to Reethi Rah, Kanuhura, both the four seasons and Jumeirah – and I have to say the Taj food and service is head and shoulders above all these.

Anuj Khanna

January 2016

We had an *amazing* trip. I’m at work now but I’ll try and write an email with the highlights for my own remembrance and for you guys. Thanks a lot for everything.

Anuja Thirani

January 2016

We had a wonderful stay in Phuket. The villa at Andara was most luxurious and had an ideal format for a family holiday. The staff, especially the cook excelled in their job. There was really nothing more we could have asked for ! Thanks also for getting us upgraded to a six bedroom villa… this was a pleasant surprise.

Indeed it was a memorable stay for our family and we appreciate your organising everything.

All the best and with warmest regards from all of us.

Sandeep Ahuja

January 2016

The Australian holiday was fantastic, and we are still recovering from the many tours that we took.

You have my great endorsement of your planning effort.

Please accept my thanks, and convey it to Gaurav as well for a very wonderful holiday.

Fond regards,

Keshav Thirani

December 2015

Trip was amazing!

Villas are out of the world.


Arjun Ahuja

December 2015

Thank you so much for planning both are actual anniversary trip to Maldives and the wonderful dummy arrangements for keeping the surprise alive for my wife.

We thank you and your team for making our 10th Anniversary a memorable trip for Diksha and me.


Sameer Abbi

October 2015

Most importantly, thanks for helping and guiding us for the trip… It was excellent and our trip was perfect beyond words…

All arrangements made by Jyoti and your suggestions were perfect…

Bill & Coo was definitely one of the best properties in Mykonos from what we gathered and their hospitality was beyond expectations…

Our ferry rides were also very comfortable and a different experience from the regular flights…

Also the night ferry was not a bad idea.. It was a comfortable ferry and having reached Athens early in the morning gave us ample of time to visit the Acropolis and walk around till the next day without any rush…

All in all, we definitely rate Greece as one of our top three favourite destinations so far and would want to go back for sure…

Thanks once again for all your recommendations and help. It was perfect as always.


Meeta Singh

July 2015

The trip was the best ever. All the arrangements were bang on. Thanks to you the memories from this trip will last us a lifetime. I’ll definitely pen down my thoughts on the meticulously planned trip.

Love you! Big hug!

Thank you for the thought.

Go Lighthouse, go, go!!

Anjali Chawla

July 2015

Thanks for organising such a wonderful trip… Loved every bit of it.

I think it’s the location that takes a priority when travelling with kids

and Hilton grand was just that. (Thanks Jyoti for finally making me go for it).

The day trip to Bruges was a wonderful treat to eyes. It actually seemed as if we were straight on a Hollywood movie set. Breathtaking it is ….. Thanks Suhasini for recommending !!!

My special thanks to Jyoti for having all the patience of putting up with me and my numerous phone calls and organising this fabulous trip for us.

Looking forward for many more trips with you guys !!!!!


Savina Mittal

June 2015

I must congratulate you and your team on putting together such a beautiful itinerary in such a short span of time. We had a very pleasant and memorable trip to Turkey.

From the word go everything was in place. The choices made for the places to visit to the leisure time available as good.

All the three places were beautiful. The coordinator in Turkey was hand on and was available whenever needed.

You have a great team and rest assured we will be recommending our friends to you.

My family and I thank you and your team for one of the best holiday experience.


Mrs. Pradnya Rego

June 2015

We had a great trip !!! Turkey is an amazing place and all the hotels that we stayed at were good.

Overall we had a wonderful time…

Thanks a lot for all the arrangements!!

Looking forward to another holiday, hopefully soon !!!

Warm regards,

Tanya Goyal

June 2015

As always your planning and suggestions were spot on and perfect.  I am delighted with your efforts and attention to detail…it’s always a pleasure to get you to organise my travel bookings!


Nitin Jain

June 2015 • Vietnam

Vietnam was awesome!! Must say it crossed all my expectations. A truly refreshing experience. The food, warmth, beautiful beaches and Vietnamese hospitality.

Thanks a ton!

Divya Khanna

June 2015 • Jordan

We had a wonderful holiday, all arrangements were very well organised and your partner in Jordan was in touch with us throughout the trip.

We look forward to book our next vacation through you.

Thanks and regards,

Maneesh Mansinghka

June 2015 • Thailand

Thanks for everything, it was a perfect holiday. Please pass on our thanks to all the hardworking people at Lighthouse!


Hemant Sharma

June 2015 • Czech Republic, Hungary

Appreciate all the pains taken in putting together a lovely holiday (and bearing with my indecisiveness and last minute changes and hurdles). The trip went off very well. Everyone was warm and as we wanted it to be flexible … it was exactly that way.

Thank you!

Aditi Jain

June 2015 • Thailand

We had a great trip and all was very well from your end. Thanks for all your help and was very impressed with your agency specially in terms of efficiency.

Neela Kothari

January 2015 • Turkey, Spain

Thanks for organising a wonderful trip for all of us.

A vacation to remember.

All thanks to you and your entire team for making it possible.

Savina Mittal

November 2014 • Italy

Awesome trip, thanks for everything.

The concierge at both hotels were brilliant, great recommendations and very nice and supportive.

Aditya Khanna

October 2014 • Greece

Thank you so much for all your fine service this year. You are a wonderful team.

Kind regards,

Alison D’Souza

October 2014 • France

While I was researching the top 10 villages of France, or rather Europe I realised that 3 of the top five villages are in the Alsace region. I called Suhasini asking if she had been there or even heard of it. She hadn’t yet sent anyone to this region for a holiday, but her French counterpart said it is one of his favourite regions in France. Not as touristy as Bordeaux or Burgundy and definitely worth a visit.

And after having spent 5 glorious days in Alsace, I have to say I concur.

Great memories never to be forgotten!!!


Kokilaa Kapur

July 2014 • Hong Kong

We appreciate the Lighthouse team’s efforts to put together such a wonderful trip for us. Everything went off as planned and beyond expectations. We look forward to planning our next trip with you in the near future.


Sameer Abbi

July 2014 • Greece

It all worked out fine finally. Thanks for your support and prompt solution – it really saved the day.

It was a memorable and fun vacation. The property is very nice and I would recommend it without hesitation. The staff was very courteous and efficient.

We would look forward to planning our next vacations with you as well.

Problems occur – what matters is the response – and I must say that your response was prompt, positive and effective – so all smiles from our end !!


Rishi Khanna

July 2014 • UK

We had a pleasant trip. The credit goes to you. The trip was very smooth.

Heena Singla

July 2014 • Hong Kong

All the arrangements were great, the girls loved the character breakfast that was definitely a must do…so glad you made us do it.

All the hotels you booked for us were great, W being my favorite for its service, ambiance and fantabulous location.

Venetian being a different experience for the kids, they enjoyed the gondola ride.

We watched “THE DANCING WATER SHOW” which is by far the most amazing shows I’ve seen, and surprisingly Suhaana and Sahana, sat through the whole show speechless in awe!

Thanks a lot for everything, enjoyed each moment of our vacation couldn’t have asked for better.


Kanupriya & Babu Sawhney

July 2014 • Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal

Our trip was very well planned and organised as always. All the transfers were excellent. We didn’t have to lift a finger. In fact the vehicle and driver from Brussels Airport was so good that Nandini wanted the same everytime we were booking a cab within the city!

Hospitality at both the hotels was excellent. We use to look forward to breakfast.

Thanx a lot for everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.

Rajni Gupta

June 2014 • Mexico, USA, UK

Apologies for such a delayed revert on your mail.

More than that, a MASSIVE Thank you with a BIG hugggg for everything that you did.

Lighthouse made sure that our entire trip’s hotels were supremely comfortable. We faced no problems at all at any place and had an awesome experience.

Thank you once again for everything 🙂

Lots of love and good wishes for Lighthouse,

Gaurav and Shweta Gupta

June 2014 • Sabah, Malaysia

We had a wonderful trip and all recommendations from you and Gaurav were superb.

Sukau was breathtaking and begs for a return visit.  All arrangements were pinpoint perfect and I have nothing to complain other than I wish we had more days to spend!


Nitin Jain

June 2014 • USA

We are back home, back to routine after a fabulous vacation to Florida. Thanks to Suhasini and that Lighthouse team we were able to put together a trip which was a perfect blend of the sun, sand and beach, accompanied by the gorgeous American countryside and of course some much needed retail therapy.

Even weeks after our trip is over we have fond recollections of our visit. For this I have to thank one and only one person — Suhasini. This stop made our vacation complete at all levels. It was exactly what I had in mind.

With that our grand holiday came to an end…each one of us came back satisfied!!! I once read somewhere ‘travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer’. Thank you Suhasini for making our lives so much richer, thank you for helping us create memories we will cherish forever!!!

Kokilaa Kapur

January 2014

The trip was very well organized and thank you for all your help.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Anupam Sibal

January 2014

It was a good trip and everything was fine.

Thanks for all the help.

Adarsh Jhunjhunwala

November 2013 • The Maldives

Thanks for organising a most splendid trip for us. Nik and I really enjoyed the getaway and we really do not have any negative feedback.

The property was just fabulous, we moved to a water bungalow for 1 night for the experience as that’s all they had available but even the beach villa was so charming.

We will definitely look to visit again in the future.

Best wishes,

Alison D’Souza

November 2013 • China

We had an excellent stay in China and the guides added to the experience.

I can recommend the Hilton in Beijing due to its proximity to the walking street. The choice of Peninsula in Shanghai was excellent.

Thanks for making all the arrangements.

Best Wishes,

Alok Nagory

October 2013 • China

Thank you so much to you and your team for organising such a wonderful trip for us. All arrangements were excellent and our guides, Becky in Beijing and Richards in Xi’an were very good. We all had a great time in China.


Shailendra Mohan Gupta

July 2013 • Australia

We guys had a brilliant time, everything was great – only minor thing was the issue in Gold Coast – you already know about it

Thanks again for everything.

Aditya Khanna

July 2013 • Italy, UK

My feedback as follows on the stuff you arranged for us

  • Babuino – good
  • Our guide – excellent
  • Coliseum underground tour – excellent
  • Gladiator school – real fun for kids
  • Ryan Air – pleasantly good if you have the reserved seats
  • Holbeck ghyll – rooms could be better
  • Excellent Michelin star in-house restaurant but maybe a little stiff
Anuj Khanna

July 2013 • Australia

We had a great time. The arrangements fell into place perfectly. There was a minor hiccup at the Gold Coast resort but you were able to take care of it. I guess, we should have researched the resort in more detail or been more specific with our criterion to you.

All the resorts/hotels were very good, but Port Douglas was by far the best highlight of the trip.

Thanks for the good job done.

Vikram Ranade

July 2013 • Thailand

We are back from our holiday to Koh Samui. Thanks a lot for the wonderful arrangements done by you. We had a very nice trip with no hitches at all. It would be my pleasure to use you for our further travel arrangements. Thanks a lot again.

With best regards,

Vineet Jain

July 2013 • Italy

Your ticket arrangements were spot on and everything went smoothly.

Best regards,

Nikhil Nath

July 2013

The trip was wonderful and would not have been possible without your assistance. Overall the response times on all the planning related questions and the various different options was great and helped put the plan together in a short period of time even though this was not a very large group/opportunity for you guys. The personal interest you and Gaurav took in this and the seamless follow up Pankaj provided was great.

Overall we had a great trip which would not have been possible without your/Gaurav’s personal touch and the support of the team at lighthouse.

I definitely owe you guys dinner for all the effort.

Thanks once again,

Amitabh Jhingan

June 2013

Yes we had a very pleasant holiday. So much so we want to go back again!!!

All the hotels met our expectations, the spaces were big enough to accommodate families, the staff was very helpful and the surroundings were beautiful.

I have attached some pictures that I wanted to share with you.

Thanks – look forward to more in the future!

Thanks and regards,

Shruti Bansal
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